Fausto Brizzi

Fausto Brizzi, director and screenwriter, graduated from the Centro Sperimentale Film School in 1994.

He has written a great number of TV fictions and a dozen or so very successful films directed by Neri Parenti. Night Before the Exams, his directorial debut, won awards at some fifty Italian and International film festivals. The film was the cinema phenomenon of 2006, earning over 15 million euro at the box office. In 2007 Brizzi won a special Silver Ribbon Award as “personality of the year”.

In February 2009 his third directorial project was released, the ensemble comedy Many Kisses Later. 2010 saw the release of Maschi contro femmine (“Boys vs. Girls”), followed in February 2011 by Femmine contro maschi (“Girls vs. Boys”), both Silver Ribbon nominees for Best Comedy Film. He also directed the music video for the song Vuoto a perdere featured in the soundtrack of the latter film and sung by Noemi with lyrics by Vasco Rossi and Gaetano Curreri. He wrote the subject and contributed to the screenplay of Massimiliano Bruno’s debut film Escort in Love, box office champion in the 2011 season. The highly successful 3D comedy Love is in the Air was released in 2012, and Women Drive Me Crazy and Indovina chi viene a Natale (“Guess who’s Coming for Christmas”) in January 2013. His latest film Forever Young, was released in February 2016.