In Treatment 2


A journey into the mind of six characters in 35 intense episodes.

An innovative and revolutionary TV series for the subject matter and the narrative structure that determines a daily programming of episodes: one episode per day for each of the patients in therapy. Through the war of psychotherapy’s words, In Treatment tells in an extraordinary way the investigation of the conflicts that we refuse to recognize within ourselves, the power they have to break up affections, their ability to generate violence and misery.
The psychoanalytic path of each patient is intertwined with that of Giovanni, the therapist who every day, for seven weeks, meets his patients while struggling himself with serious ethical doubts and a moral crisis that is going through with his wife Eleonora.
Monday patient is Sara, a woman tormented by a difficult relationship while falling for Giovanni. On Tuesday there is Dario, an undercover cop who has investigated abroad on a powerful criminal organization and is coping with the “ghost” of a bloody crime. Wednesday it’s Alice’s day, a young dancer with an unspeakable trauma, while on Thursday there are Lea and Pietro, a couple in crisis. On Friday is Giovanni himself to meet with his therapist, an old time friend.
A few simple elements surround their stories: a chair and a couch in a cozy room.

Year: 2013 Running Time: 25' min.
Seasons: 2 Episodes: 35

Saverio Costanzo


Saverio Costanzo was born in Rome on 28 september 1975. He graduated in Sociology of Communication with a thesis on Italian Americans in Brooklyn.

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Artistic Cast


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Technical Cast


Saverio Costanzo


Vladan Radovic


Francesca Calvelli

Set Design

Luca Merlini


Antonella Cannarozzi


Jorgelina De Petris


Gaetano Carito


Avi Belleli

Screenplay Adaptation

Ludovica Rampoldi

Stefano Sardo

Alessandro Fabbri

Ilaria Bernardini

Giacomo Durzi


Nicola Lusuardi

Line Producer

Fulvio Rossi

Executive Producer

Olivia Sleiter

Original format by

Sheleg Productions

Director of productions Sky originals

Nils Hartman

Artistic direction sky

Roberto Amoroso

Executive Producer Sky

Sonia Rovai

Produced by

Lorenzo Mieli

e Mario Gianani

per Wildside