30 April 1993. In front of Rome’s Raphael Hotel an enraged crowd hurls coins at political leader Bettino Craxi.

This scene opens 1993, the second chapter of the series that describes the years that changed Italy. We resume the stories of Leonardo Notte (Stefano Accorsi), who dreams of a political venture alongside Berlusconi; of the Northern League activist Pietro Bosco (Guido Caprino), more and more under the spell of the cruel game of politics, and of the Clean Hands police officer Luca Pastore (Domenico Diele), who instead fights against power. At his side, Di Pietro (Antonio Gerardi), Italy’s most famous public prosecutor, who continues his battle as the dark powers rearm. Veronica Castello (Miriam Leone), meanwhile, has finally found her long-coveted TV success, but her career is fickle and completion fierce. Her sister, Giulia Castello (Elena Radonicich), is also looking for her place in the sun, but in the newspaper world. And finally we find Bibi Mainaghi (Tea Falco), who already enjoys wealth and power, but behind it a criminal power is concealed. Following our characters’ narratives, we reach the 17th of December 1993. Bettino Craxi testifies at the Cusani trial on live TV. A testimony that becomes the tombstone of the First Republic.

Year: 2017 Running Time: 40' min.
Seasons: 2 Episodes: 8

Giuseppe Gagliardi


Giuseppe Gagliardi was born in 1977 and arts graduated at Rome's Sapienza University with a thesis in cinema history and criticism.

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Artistic Cast


Antonio Gerardi (Antonio di Pietro) e Domenico Diele (Luca Pastore)
Domenico Diele (Luca Pastore)
Guido Caprino (Pietro Bosco)
Laura Chiatti (Arianna)
Stefano Accorsi (Leonardo Notte) e Paolo Pierobon (Silvio Berlusconi)
Stefano Accorsi (Leonardo Notte) e Vinicio Marchioni (Massimo d'Alema)
Tea Falco (Bibi Mainaghi)