Luca Miniero

Born in Naples, after graduating in Modern Literature, he moved to Milan, where he began working in advertising as a copywriter {1994-2001). He has authored several campaigns for industrial products and TV shows, obtaining various international recognitions for his creative work.

He began alternating copywriting work with filmmaking. His first short film, “A Neapolitan Spell” (1998), Special Mention at the Locarno Film Festival and first prize at the Oberhausen Short Film Festival, saw the start of his cooperation with Paolo Genovese. With the latter he has authored several film, TV and advertising writing and directing projects: the short film “Piccole cose di valore non quantificabile” (“Small Things of a Non-Quantifiable Value”, 1999), one of the most award-winning short films in Italy, and the feature film “A Neapolitan Spell” (2002, Donatello award for Best Actress and Globo d’Oro awards for Best Debut and Best Actress), the short film “Couple or the Measure of Love” (2002) with Lorenza Indovina and Fabio De Luigi, followed by “Sorry, You Can’t Get Through” (2004), with Pierfrancesco Favino, Carlo Delle Piane, Lorenza Indovina and Valerio Mastandrea and the TV movie “Viaggio in Italia – Una favola vera” (“Journey to Italy – A True Fairy Tale”, 2007), with Licia Maglietta and Antonio Catania. Again for TV, “Amiche mie” (“My Girlfriends”, 2008) with Margherita Buy, Luisa Ranieri, Elena Sofia Ricci, and Cecilia Dazzi, and in the same year, for the cinema, the comedy “This Night Is Still Ours” (2008) with Nicolas Vaporidis and Massimiliano Bruno.
In 2010 he directed his first solo film, “Welcome to the South” {2010), with Claudio Bisio, Alessandro Siani, Angela Finocchiaro and Valentina Lodovini. The film grossed around 32 million euro at the box office, qualifying as the most seen Italian film of 2010, also obtaining 10 Donatello and 6 Silver Ribbon award nominations; Lodovini won a David award for Best Actress and the film a Silver Ribbon for Best Screenplay. The success was repeated by “Welcome to the North”, which grossed around 30 million euro, becoming the most seen film of 2012 (Golden Ticket Award).

1 January 2014 saw the movie theatre release of “A Boss in the Living Room”, a new comedy starring Paola Cortellesi, Rocco Papaleo, Luca Argentero and with the return of Angela Finocchiaro. The film grossed around 13 million euro, becoming the most seen in 2014 and winning the Golden Ticket Award.
The same year saw the release of “La scuola più bella del Mondo” (“The Most Beautiful School in the World”) with Christian De Sica, Rocco Papaleo, Angela Finocchiaro, Miriam Leone and guest-starring Lello Arena.
His 2016 release was “Non c’è più religione” (“There’s No More Religion”) with Claudio Bisio, Alessandro Gassman and the compelling Angela Finocchiaro.
In 2017 he directed the theatre play “DUE”, co-written with Astutillo Smeriglia and starring Raul Bova and Chiara Francini.
2018 was the year of “Sono Tornato” (“I’m Back”) with Massimo Popolizio and Frank Matano, one of the most important films of the season.